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Still Here……. November 16, 2009

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We are still around, and it’s been a long while since we put up anything on William.  Long story short…pc was fried and it took me a while to get it back and working, and time to write a post.


William loved Halloween this year.  He was dressed as a monkey and I think really enjoyed being dressed up.  This year, he went to 3 parties during the day, and trick and treating at night.  Unfortunately there were only a few homes we went to, and only our neighbor next door was home.  None the less, when our doorbell rang, William went running for the door to see everyone in their costumes.  I think they were all surprised by a Monkey at the door too!!!!


William is also showing his personality and kindness with the kids at daycare.  The other day, Nettie shared a story with me about how William is helping one of the younger girls with her walking.  William holds her hand and walks with her, and if she wobbles a bit, he uses his hand to keep her steady.  Now that his friend can walk, he’ll run around the house, and wait for Bella to catch up.  As Nettie puts it, very cute.


As for Mommy and Daddy, we are doing very well.  We are both busy with work and getting ready for the holidays.  For Thanksgiving, my mom is coming up to visit and for Christmas we are going to San Antonio for a little over a week.  We are looking forward to our trip, but I really think the plane is going to be a real struggle.  William sits still for no one, so I think we need to figure out what will keep William occupied for two and a half hours.


Almost forgot….Last night I had a call with Uncle Chris and William spoke on the phone for the first time to Uncle Chris (on purpose).  The famous first words………”Bye”!   🙂


One to the pictures……


It’s not my fault…Mom is the messy one….






Let’s Go!


Gig’Em Aggies!!!!

IMG_3560 IMG_3827 IMG_3838 IMG_3823


Your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me….



Only one baby left on the shelf!



Reading is fundamental!



Trick or Treat!

IMG_3629 IMG_0878 IMG_3789


When Monkeys Attack…..

IMG_3770 IMG_3771 IMG_3772 IMG_3776


Not safe, but showing some engineering talent already.  Maybe a load master for a trucking or rail company.



If you can get past the fur, William is giving Hudson a big hug.



You cannot catch me….



Nothing like a dusting of snow to make a great background.









IMG_0833 IMG_0874


The next Mozart?


IMG_0893 IMG_0932


It’s Summer….. June 30, 2009

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Well summer is here and even though we are in Denver, it’s been getting a little warm outside.  A couple weeks back, Mom took William and some of their play group friends to our neighborhood pool.  This was the 2nd time William had been swimming, but unlike the first time, he really took to it and had a blast. 

He would play at the water and do all the things other kids had done after taking a bunch of lessons.  With all his buddies around, William had to keep up his daredevil persona and be a real stunt dude.  So…..William would get on the side of the pool, and run into Mama’s arms.  By the way….mommy is in the pool!!!! 

The next week we took him out again and we would blow on his face and dunk his head under water, again no problem for Little Man.  He just wiped his eyes and giggled a little.  We are going to take William to the Dr. next week to check and see if he is part fish!!!  🙂

For Fathers Day, William and Holly took me out to eat at Papadeaux’s for their Sunday brunch.  We had a really nice time, and the food is excellent.  They also got me a new golf club as I have really taken up the game in the past couple years.  Needless to say, the club does not make the player so I need to keep practicing.  Hopefully I will break 100 this summer. 

Now some pics…..

My Dad!


Hi, I’m William….


You coming too?


I think I need some help!


So Happy!!!


Giving a tour of Hudson’s place.



How about some videos….try and see if you can figure out the theme!!!!


Still not 20#’s June 8, 2009

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Well, it seems the biggest thing going on for William is that Mom and Dad are waiting for William to hit the big two oh!  So why is that so important, well until he hits twenty pounds in weight, he has to stay facing the rear in the car seat.  With all there is to see in the world and how interested he is starting to get in the things around him, we really want to turn his seat around so we can talk about the places we are going. 

Nowdays, from the time he wakes up, to when he goes to bed, he is pointing at things and wanting to know what they are.  Since he was really little, he has been really fascinated by the ceiling fans around the house.  Before he would just stare at them while they were on, but now he points at each one he sees.  We’ll be carrying him down the stairs and he points.  He’ll walk around the kitchen and point.  Eating dinner, point…and so on.  It’s so cool to see him wanting to learn and express himself more every day.  With all the pointing and babbling about, it’s only a matter of time before he is telling Mom and Dad he needs the keys to the car so he can take his girlfriend out on a date.    Well, I guess its still a good thing after all that he can only face the back, since you cannot drive a car while facing the rear.  🙂


Some of these pic may be a little dated, but hey, who’s checking….

What!  Doesn’t everyone lay on their Big Puppy!


Mmmmmmm Fresca!


Catching some Zzzzz’s!




Wow…..this bath tub is huge!!!!


Dr. William Weihl looking for artifacts at the park!


Moving to a new dig location…….


Anyone need anything from the store?






Happy Mothers Day!!!! May 11, 2009

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It’s Mothers Day number two for Holly and William and I started the day taking Mom to breakfast at the Egg and I.  This is a nice little family owned breakfast joint near us and we always seem to get very good service when we go.  Today, William shared our breakfast and had potato’s, strawberries and some scrambled eggs.  He really seemed to like the eggs, so it looks like we’ll be eating those at home more often. 

After breakfast and a nap (mom and dad too), we took little man for a trip to Nordstoms.  Now before everyone thinks William has his nose turned up a little too high :), everyone should know that Nordstoms will break up sets of shoes for adults and children who has different size feet.  Because of William leg and feet issues, he is a size 4 (left) and 5.5 (right) so we go there to get his shoes.  From asking around, Nordstoms is the only only place we know that will do this.  I think it’s great they do this and we got him two pairs of walking shoes and they also gave him a stuffed animal and a balloon.  How cools is that!!!!

To top of the day, Mom got a new wallet to match her new purse which was a real surprise for her today.

Now a nice little collections of photos of Mommy from the past year…

Knock knock..

Who’s there?


Will who?

Will you let me out?  I’ve been in here 9 months!!!


Mom and me!


My mom and I, only about two weeks old…


All of mamma’s little ones….


I see a toy on the floor, but Mama wants a picture first!


I am starting to get my grin now (about 3 months)


Sitting up for the first time with Mom! (4 1/2 months)




My first Christmas..


Say Cheese!


I love my Mom so much, I gave her some of my cake!!!  (1st Birthday)


Mom on vacation in Mexico.  She had a blast, but I am glad she is back home.  (Thanks Nana and Papa for watching me for the week, had soooooo much fun with you both!!)


Happy Birthday to Me!!!! April 9, 2009

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Yeah, William is 1 year old!!!!

This weekend marked a major milestone for William when we celebrated his first birthday.  For starters, Aunt Jill surprised Holly for her birthday (April 3rd) by coming in town.  To top it off, Aunt Jill was able to celebrate Williams birthday with some our friends. 

As you will see, (with video), he had a great time and really appreciated all the wonderful presents he received.  I cannot name them all, but he really liked the cars, the bus and the stuffed lamb that he received and plays with them all.  Special thanks to Uncle Chris for not getting the drum set so we could have some relative peace in the home.  I am sure it’s coming but that can wait. 

This weekend Grammy (my mom) is coming to visit for Easter and Nana and Papa (Holly’s parents) are coming to watch William for a week while we take a vacation to Cabo.  Thanks Herb and Carol, I know you will have such a blast with Little Man while we are gone.  He is just so much fun these days babbling and walking around with his stuffed animals.  Just watch out for him hiding in the cabinets. 

As you can see in the videos, he has really started to use his new skills to get around and have fun!!!!


On to the Pics!!!



Aunt Jill and Me!!!


Don’t I look cute!


Mamma, Aunt Jill and me!


I got my own cake for my 1st birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday to Me!!!


So happy…


The two hand slam with Sheridan looking on….




No time for a picture, I am busy eating cake!!!!


Some Video:




Take a look at me!!! April 4, 2009

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This is just a quickie to see if Mamma’s birthday present works.  Holly got a new Flip MinoHD player for her birthday so we could start posting videos too. 

Let’s hope this works.


William on his birthday morning….

Let’s Go!!!!! February 26, 2009

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The last two weeks have been really exciting for William.  In our last post, we mentioned how William was starting to explore his world by taking some steps and moving about.  Well, he is a real mover and shaker now.  William is cruising about the furniture and getting his feet under him and this past Saturday we considered him a real walker.

So this weekend William and I were just hanging around while Mom was out and about.  William decided it was time to play with his push toy and he stood up and started toward it.  He took a few steps, stopped and steadied himself and then kept on going another 4 steps.  The stopping and steadying himself was a real progression.  Since then he’s been standing up for longer and longer, can stand up without holding on to stuff and is taking more and more steps.  When he is really excited he will walk really quickly for 5 or 6 steps and fall into you.  Its really neat and he is looking forward to showing off for the Brylak’s when they come to visit Colorado. 

William is also exploring his voice as well.  The other day I was downstairs and Mom came down with William after he stood at the baby gate saying DaDa, Dada, Dada over and over.  He says that a lot now and Mama is starting to come out too.  He can also say dog on good days and knows how to shake his head no.  We’ll be feeding him at dinner and tell him no and then he starts to shake his head.  It’s really cute when he does it since he kinda shakes his whole upper body at the same time and had this little giggle he does with it. 

Now onto the pictures!!!!!



I love my doggies!!!


My new dog!




Hi Everyone!!!!!




I know there some snacks in here somewhere!


Let me in!!


Now you see me……


Now you don’t!


Thanks for the spot Mom!


Let’s Go!


Happy New Year January 10, 2009

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Well it’s a new year and it’s time to catch up on what’s been happening in our life with William. 

We had a wonderful Christmas with William and headed down to Santa Fe to see Grammy (my mom).  She has not seen Little Man since he was about 3 months, so a lot had changed since her visit in the summer. 

William is a real mover and shaker nowdays.  He smiles all the time and crawls over to the gate when he sees mommy or daddy come home.  He’s eating a ton, but the doctor says he should be gaining some more weight.  Starting today, we will be feeding him more solids and fattening him up for the Brylak’s visit to Colorado in March ( I think).  We need to get some blubber on him so he’ll be toasty warm when playing outside.  Grammy also got him a sweet snow suit that will be perfect for playing in the snow up in the mountains.

New Tricks:

He’s making some sucking noises like when you try to imitate a fish with your lips.  We were not sure what it was at first, but its really funny to see him do it. 

He also like to chew on his crib.  Yup, when you look at the edges on the rails, it’s like a little beaver has been working to cut down some logs, with some of the wood chipped away.  Mom does not like it at all, but I think it’s funny.  You can watch him do it on the monitor when he’s up playing around in the middle of the night.  Some of the best T.V. ever!!!

Tag—  William and I now play tag.  We’ll crawl around on the floor and chase each other around.  Sometimes I will hide from him and pop out and try to get him.  He gets this real excited/surprised look on his face and then turns tail in the other direction, giggling all the way down the hall.  We rinse and repeat until my knees hurt from crawling on the floor.  It’s sooooooooo much fun.

Standing around—-  He’s now walking all around with his push toy learning his balance and getting a feel for when he’s ready to go solo.  Just imagine Bronson when he was little with his shopping cart and that’s what you got.  A cute, skinny tyke running around the living room.  It’s a real sign of the great times to come.  I am sure he will be working by the time the Brylak’s come up and when Nana and Papa come to watch him during our vacation.  Good luck keeping up Nana and Papa.


Ok..now to this pictures.

It’s Santa Claus


Daddy…can I sub in for you when Papa needs help with his plumbing?


Teaching William to drive (not really) in parking lot during break coming back from Santa Fe.


Mamma and William after a walk with the dogs….


I am bigger than my Daddy!!!!


First Christmas Morning with Mommy!!!!!


Grammy, do you mind if I eat this book?


Mmmm…Mmmm Good!


What can I do with this?


What movie?


Hudson and William playing fetch…sort of!!!


Looks who’s walking!!


Gobble, Gobble, Gobble…. December 2, 2008

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Well, we just got back from San Antonio and we had a great time.  It was a really short trip (arrived Wed and left early Saturday), but we had a chance for William to visit with our Texas family.

Right from the get go we had a lot to do.  For starters, we hit Freebirds on the way back from the airport and it was soooooo yummy.  For those not sure what Freebirds is, it’s the Worlds Best Burritos and I got hooked on them while I was at Texas A&M.  After that, Wendy and the kids came by Nana and Papa’s house and William got a chance to meet the rest of his cousins (Emily, Carly, Bronson, Tobin and Mitch).  William also got to meet Granny (Great Grandma). 

On Thanksgiving we all met at Nana and Papa’s to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  Herb got smoked Turkeys from Rudy’s, and as always they delivered on their promise.  Quite possibly the best BBQ in San Antonio.  Wendy brought over a bunch of side dishes and pies; Pumpkin Pie under a ton of whip cream being my absolute favorite.  William also started a new food and got to try Turkey for the first time.  The jury is out if he liked it or not, but it was his first meat and will get a lot more of it over the next few weeks.

On Friday, Wendy and Wally hosted a little party for the Rippa and Brylak sides to come together and meet William.  We had a lot of fun hanging out at their new home and watching football and relaxing.  We also celebrated Granny’s 87th birthday with a big cake and all the family present. 

After such a great few days with family we had to leave early on Saturday.  Just like on the flight out, William was the experienced traveler.  He was complimented by the flight crews and passengers around us from being sooooo good.  He is so easy to travel with.


Now the pictures.

Carly, Emily and Mitch showing William how to play the seek and say!!!


Nana and William


My Granny, isn’t she GREAT!!!!!!!


Little Man exploring Aunt Wendy and Uncle Wally’s new home!!!!


Outta my way, I am still looking around!


Happy Birthday Granny!!!!!!!!


Can I come sit with you for a little while????


BOO!!!! November 16, 2008

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Going on our theme of firsts with Little Man, this year was his first Halloween and he had a lot of fun.  This year, William was a puppy for Halloween.  Some may think it looks like a cow (so did we), but you will notice a red collar on the pup so that decided it for us.  🙂

On Halloween, William went to a few parties and had a blast.  He was soooooo cute among all the other kids.  Apparently, Bumble Bee’s were big this year as you will soon see. 

William also went to the Pumpkin Patch, but did not see the Great Pumpkin.  Maybe next year.  It was really nice since he is so small but can stand up on his own to see him next to all the big pumpkins.  I think next year will be a real hoot, and we will let him pick out his own too.

Okay…onto the pictures, there are a lot today.  See everyone in San Antonio for Thanksgiving!!!!!!

No…that’s not pumpkin, but carrots.  Does everyone put carrots on their face?


Hi, Everyone!!!!


Mom, let me help you get your bag ready for tomorrow.


This is my crib, I sleep here.


Do you like my funny hat!!!!!


I’m gonna get you!!!!




I want some Pumpkin Pie!!




Trick or Treat!!  (See the teeth?)






Look how I can stand on two legs!!


Mommy and me!


How many moms does it take to get……


1 lady bug, 3 bumble bees and one puppy…..


to sit for a photo!!!!  I (I count 4)