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Mmmm Mmmm Good…. April 28, 2008

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Today I was able to feed William for the first time.  It was a new experience to say the least since I have never given a bottle to a baby before.  We had planned to do a bottle this evening, but Holly was tired and had just pumped and we figured it was a good time so we filled up his bottle (4.5oz) for his feeding.  We both figured it would be an effort for him to transition to the bottle, but we were wrong. 

William loves to eat no matter where his food comes from!  🙂  He just latched onto the plastic nipple like he had done this many times already and went to town.  He had a few hiccups and a little more burping, but overall it was good for both of us.  William was able to have lunch, and Daddy gets to start feeding him once a day.  It’s good bonding for the two of us.  I set him so we can see each other well and we just stare at our eyes while he eats.  During lunch I think I was able to tell that his eyes are starting to have some color (Brown).

Here are some pictures of him feeding today and others of William at 3 weeks old.  My how time flies when you are having fun!!!!

Yum Yum in my Tum!!!!


Eating makes me tired….


I spy a ???? Whatever he see’s, he is not telling right now….


Oh…what do we get to do now!!!!







More pictures from the last week…. April 21, 2008

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I went back to work last week so I slipped on my duties for everyone.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the last week or so. 


Can I lick him…please


Tres Amigo’s….



I love my afternoon naps with Doodle…



Holly and Doodle…


Nana’s gone :( …. April 21, 2008

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Holly’s mom left today to go back to San Antonio and we are going to miss her help.  I have no idea what it would have been like without help, but it was really great with Carol pitching in all over the place.  She would say that “I did this” or ” I took care of that”.  Thank you Carol!!!!!

We get to see Herb (Papa) and Nana again at the end of May, but this time she will be off the clock and can enjoy William with out having to clean up after all of us.  🙂 

Here is a two week picture of Nana and William today…

“Thanks for taking good care of me, see you in a few months”


Pictures…. April 12, 2008

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As promised, here are some more pictures of Doodle in various poses and with assorted props.  🙂

We are family!! ( Aston, Hudson, Me, Holly and William)


I would like a Super Monster with the spinach tortilla!


What’s up Doc! (After his first doctor appt.)


Hudson gives Nana 4 paws of approval!


Just look at his hands, precious!


I’d like that burrito to go please.


Is he giving me the bird?


Mom’s Changes…… April 12, 2008

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You may expect this to be a post about how Holly has been dealing with her hormones after William was born.  WRONG!  This is about her first experience changing his diaper.

This all happened on Wednesday, but we have been so tired that I am just getting to write this up.  To make up for it, I have more photos to share.  🙂

So up to this point (Wednesday) Nana and I have been getting William and doing all his changes.  This really helped Holly focus on feeding Doodle and staying focused on his needs.  On Wednesday, this all changed. 

Holly decided she was ready to try a change and boy did Doodle have a surprise for her.  As she swapped out his diaper, he let a poo go right there.  Many that freaked us all out.  While we were all laughing a little bit, he did it again.  This time he cleared the changing table and hit the carpet about one and a half feet away, coming 6 inches from the rocking chair.  At this point, we are all at risk of wetting our pants and just rolling in laughter.  This had not happened to Nana or I yet so this was a new experience.  In any case this was new as it had not happened to Nana or I before, but it has since. 

I chalk this up to another Joy of parenting!!!

Yawn…… April 9, 2008

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Well, last night was a long one.  William really wanted to feed a lot and we were always getting up.  A typical feeding is on a 3 hour cycle.  The cycle starts when the feeding begins and ends at the beginning of the next feeding.

So, in that time you have to wake Doodle, feed him, change a diaper or 5, put him back to sleep and then sleep ourselves all within 3 hours.  The real kicker is if he wants to eat sooner, we feed him sooner.  Last night he ate about every two hours between 10 and 3  which gave us an hour sleep at best in between feedings.

Here is how we have been working it between the two of us:

– Holly gets William (Doodle) up and starts the feeding.

– When he is done I do the diaper change and put on his clothes

– I put him to sleep

Last night at 3am I did steps 2 and 3, three times before he went to bed.  Needless to say, we are both a little tired. 

The great news was Nanna (Holly’s mom) came in at 6am just in time to help us out.  We both were wiped out from the evening shift and it really gave us a boost.

Hospital Time April 7, 2008

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Catching up from last Friday.  Here is a pic of Holly after she has some drugs.  She’s much happier now, but only 10 min earlier she was in a lot of pain.  Holly did a great job of breathing and fighting through her contractions until the anesthetistoligest could come in to administer the drugs.


Here Holly was willing to let us take some pictures now that she is feeling less pain. 


WHAT TIME IS IT, it’s time to Will!!!!  6:59pm  (I cannot believe I remembered to snap this picture as instructed 3 hours earlier)


William Dwight Weihl weighing in at 7 pounds, 1 ounce. 


Proud Parents!


Couldn’t resist!!  Whoop, Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2030!


Heading Home, what a wonderful feeling.  Look at Holly, she looks just great!



I know it was fast, but I had planned to write more and then switched into picture mode.  I think that is what everyone wants now, but I will start my rambles soon enough when the pictures run out.


Hello world! April 7, 2008

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Yesterday we came home with William!!!!  This was a great experience for Holly and we were excited to leave the hospital with our little man.  Coming home was a little eventful when he met the dogs.  Aston was pretty shy and sniffed his cap, but Hudson was really interested.  He wanted to smell and look at William and was really interested in who this new guy was. 

At one point, I had William in my arms and Hudson stood on his hind legs to get another look. 

Holly is doing a great job feeding little man, but it’s tough.  For her, she will be on call for the next two weeks 24/7 making sure he has all the milk he needs.  With Carol (Holly’s Mom) here, we have a pretty good tag team to assist Holly.  We change and clothe before and after the feedings.  Holly sleeps in between and works on Williams schedule. 

Well, I think that is it for now. This is my first blog so we’ll wing it together and see where it takes us.