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Hi Papa!!!! June 27, 2008

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Can you believe it, I had my first Father’s Day and it was great.  When we woke up in the morning, Holly went and got me a gift from the Puppies (I know, but we love them).  They got me a personalized frame with the whole family in the picture.  Then I got got a really cute card and present from William.  He got me two frames with pictures of him in his favorite Aggie’s gear.  Man did he look cute. 

After all the cool presents, I did not think the day could get much cooler, but it did.  We took William all around town with us, just hanging out as a family.  After we had chicken wings at Hooters (Doodle loves that place), he treated Holly and I to a new mattress at Denver Mattress Co.  I think he was tired of rolling into the tacos where Holly and I slept!!!

Seriously, this Father’s Day was really cool.  Holly and I have been on a great journey and it’s getting better every day we are with him.  He is really starting to do some new things now.  Just yesterday he rolled over from his back to front all by himself.  He can also hold a rattle and put his whole fist into his mouth.

William is also doing really well with his foot and leg.  For everyone who has not noticed, Little Man is missing a toe on his left foot.  (I will wait for everyone to scroll through the pictures to look real quick)  🙂  We saw Dr. Glancy at Children’s yesterday and had another look at his leg length and foot mobility.  All in all things are looking pretty good.  His Fibular Deficiency is still mild and the doctor is still very positive about his future.  Once we hit a year old we go back and they will be able to predict the length variance between the two legs fairly accurately and will be able to let us know what we’ll expect over the next 15 years.  One thing we know now is that we will always have to buy two pairs of shoes since his feet have two sizes.  Thanks goodness he is not a girl!!!  🙂  Regardless, William does not know he is missing a toe (he cannot count yet) and loves to stand on his left leg so we think he is going to be walking and running in no time!!


On to the pictures…

Picture from Hudson and Aston…..



Mmmmm…so yummy!!!



Nothing like an Aggie diaper cover to keep Lil Aggie fresh and clean…


Which way to Kyle Field?


Look…Aston got into the game dressed up as Reveille!!!!



Memorial Day…. June 12, 2008

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WOW…I know it’s been a long while since I have been able to post anything, but life has been a little busy lately so we’ll try to get back on our weekly updates in the future.  🙂

Over the Memorial Day holiday Nana and Papa came to visit Doodle and this was the first time Papa (Herb) had a chance to visit.  Papa had a great time hanging out with William and spent a lot of time doing tummy time on his chest and rumor has it William had a blast. 

A big hit over the holiday was Holly and I going out on a date.  Not just a one hour, go to dinner job, but a real night out.  Nana and Papa offered to babysit William overnight.  WHOA!  So, Holly and I got a room at the Omni, saw “Baby Momma” and had a great dinner at the hotel restaurant and slept in.  We planned to see the new Indiana Jones movie the next day, but had slept in late and decided to pass.  We really missed Doodle all night, but it was really good for Holly and I to have a little time to hang out and relax with just the two of us for just a little while. 

Since then we have been very busy.  Just today we found William a day care provider (Nettie) who will look after William when Holly goes to work.  Nettie is a really sweet woman who cares for about 5 or 6 children in her home and cam with great references.  When we met her we planned to only spend about 30 min meeting with her and then head out to dinner.  Well, two hours later (and two poops) we left knowing she was the one to take care of our little boy.  Sometimes you just know, and that was the case with Nettie. 

Nettie has been caring for children for over 19 years and has a fantastic record.  She treats all the children like family and has the BEST attitude.  Always smiling and very caring toward her little ones.  She has a nice home which is kept very clean and all the kids have their own cups and utensils.  One thing we really liked is that all the kids just love her and some have been going there for 3 or 4 years, which will be nice for William to have some consistency.  Nettie also will babysit for date nights, which will be nice for him to be with a familiar person while we are out cruising the town.  Bonus! 


What have we been up to…..

Since everyone has been asking about us, I wanted to share a little about what we have been doing. 

Holly has been very active with a few new mom groups each week.  One at the hospital where we frequent for my emergency room visits (not too often, but they are really fast with my stitches when I need them) and a mom with dogs group.  Today Holly took the dogs and William to a dog park which is really good for Hudson and Aston.  Our puppies have been so good with William and they deserve some attention too. 

Holly also has two friends who are pregnant and she has been helping them out with registering and getting ready for their new little ones.  She has also started getting back into her workout routine.  She went back to her spinning class and they gave her a big round of applause for getting back into the swing (or spin) of it.  She really loves that class and we have to work out between my early meetings to make sure she can keep going. 

All in all, I think Holly is the best mom ever and she continues to dote on Doodle and shower him with all the love she has.  I could not be more proud of how she has taken to motherhood in the last two months.  SHE IS THE BEST!!!!

I have started to get back into my sports.  Hockey is going really well and we have a solid team.  I play on Sun or Mon nights and luckily we have a lot of early games this season.  On Fri nights I play in a coed league with a great group and we just go out and have fun.  Sometimes we win, others we lose, but really it does not matter.  Hanging out after the game is just as much fun.  William has seen me play a few times and when he comes he will take over the group.  He is so cute that everyone just wants to look at him and comment on how good he is just hanging out.  No fussing, just looking around and enjoying the scene. 

I have also been able to start climbing more.  I have a new group I am going with and Brynli is a solid climber with a ton of experience.   Tara is new to climbing so I can help her out and we are both learning from his experience.  I try to go once during the week if things are okay at home and early on a weekend day.  This week we went to Boulder Canyon and did a trad (traditional) climb where you have to place your own protection in the rock to catch your falls.  This is really what I want to get into so I can finally start using all the gear I have purchased over the last few years and put it to good use.  My goal is to be able to lead some easy climbs by the end of the season.  🙂 

Most importantly Holly and I are continuing to work as a team to be the best parents we can.  This is the start of our journey and it’s just awesome to see William change week over week with his new expressions and talking. 

Now to what everyone really wants to see…more pictures of William!!!!!  Some are a little dated now, but we are going to get everyone caught up to date.

Nap time in my swing..



Papa…keep a hold of me while I nap please..


Papa is soft to sleep on…


Nana is too….



Squeaky Clean…





Group nap….



Thanks PAM!!!!!


Do you like my floppy hat?


I have a puppy on my shirt…catch the frisbee Hudson…


So happy, oh so happy!!!!!