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Rolling..rolling…rolling…. July 11, 2008

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Yup, you guessed it, William has started to roll over.  A lot!  At first it was a little here, a little there, and sometimes we were not sure if it counted as a roll over.  NOW….oh my, you set him down and he rolls over.  It’s amazing, in about a week he went from a bump on a log to future Olympian. 

Tumbling for the United States of America, William Weihl and his Rolling Routine.  Level of difficulty .01!  🙂

William has also started to giggle!  Yup, he’s giggling.  I told him a joke on Thursday and for some reason he just started to giggle  It’s very cute and I have only seen it once, but Holly swears she has heard him a few more times since then.  So keep that in mind when you come to visit…have your jokes ready.

We also had visitors over the 4th.  Blake and Monna came to visit.  Blake and I were able to get in a round of golf on Saturday and Holly and Monna play with her new camera.  Monna has a new Cannon and took over 900 pictures of Doodle.  She used a burst mode to try and catch his good side when he was not looking.  I know everyone wants to see all 900 pictures, but I decided to pick some of the best ones.  Hope you like them!!!!


Calgon, take me away….



Don’t tell Mommy I am here, I am hiding from her in this towel.  🙂 



She found me!!!


Where’s William?



This little piggie went to the market, this little piggie stayed home, this little piggie had roast beef, and this little piggie had none. And this little….DOH!!!


My name is William Weihl and I approve this message!


Blake and Monna


Daddy has his nice chair, I call dibs on Blake’s shoulder!


And a sweet picture of Aston!