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Let’s Go!!! August 1, 2008

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So sorry it’s been so long since I have posted.  We have been really busy and a lot has been going on.

For all of you who did not know, Holly went back to work last week.  So….that means William got to go to Nettie’s house!!  Nettie is Little Man’s daycare provider and she is just great.  Holly and I went to see her about a month before she went back to work and we really liked her from the start.  She has been working with children for about 19 years and treats all the children like family.  We decided to go with Nettie (easy decision) because of how she treats the children and all the great things she does with them.  Before Hollywent back to work she would tell us that she was getting all the other little ones ready.  She let them know William was coming and they all got really excited to meet him. 

His first day was Monday of last week and I take him in the mornings and Holly usually picks him up in the afternoon.  The first day was really special.  When I dropped him off Nettie said she got something for Little Man.  I was really surprised when she showed me a new baby crib for William.  It was a really nice wood crib for him to take great naps in.  I know that he likes taking his little naps there during the day. 

Most days we get little notes from Nettie letting us know how his day went, when he ate and slept. 

Here is what he did today..

“Ate well, we had a great day telling each other stories, sing, dance.  He is pushing up high, so strong.  Floor time move move move – Arms and legs going fast.  Laughing at me.  Lots of love!!  Happy Boy!”

These little notes really keep us in tune with the great time he is having.  Nettie also does flash cards and is teaching Little Man Baby Sign Language.  I never did well with Spanish in college, so lets hope I can pick this up!!!!

We cannot think of anyone else looking after him and feel really blessed that we found Nettie!!!!!


Now on to the pictures…

First day with Nettie, don’t I look cute!!


Day 2, I am a ham for the camera….


Let’s go, I have so much fun during the day!!!!





Sleeping on my tummy when I want to.  Look at his little butt in the air, so cute when he sleeps.



Our friends and their little ones….

L to R (Caleb, Jen, Holly, William, Bethany, Owen)


I love it when daddy lets me wear puppies on my clothes!!!