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Oh My…… September 25, 2008

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This post is going to be one of the most difficult ever.  William is changing so fast.  In the last week, while in St. Louis we had a number of firsts.  All the firsts and a trip to boot, this will be a long one.

First Plan Ride – William rode on a plane 4 times on our trip to STL and in one word was AWESOME.  You keep hearing us say how good he is, but he really is.  I bet there were adults on the plane that caused more problems than Little Man.  We traveled very early to and from STL since that is his “good” time of the day and it paid off in spades.  On the plane he smiled and joked around and giggled a lot.  Holly fed Doodle on take off and landings so his ears would not hurt and he just gobbled away unaware that most people feel pressure in their ears due to the altitude changes.  All in all, we do not fret our Thanksgiving trip to San Antonio now.

First Sit – Yup, that’s right.  William sat up all without any support (see photo) while at Cheryl’s house.  We have been working on this a lot, and he is starting to get the hang of it all.  We had to prop him up to start, but once up he could hold himself up all alone.  When you hold him you can see him working his core and correcting his balance.  I really think he will be quite the athlete when he gets older, if he wants to.  That is up to him.

First Crawl – Yup, double that’s right.  It was not much, but he did one full crawl at Cheryl’s house on Monday morning.  He has been really working out at this for about a month and this week he put 2 and 2 together and got crawl.  Hurray for William. 

First Wedding – The reason we went to STL was for Cheryl and Ed’s wedding.  It was really nice and William had a lot of fun.  It started around his bedtime, but he was able to stay up and have a little fun.  He even tried to pull Grammy’s (my mom) pearl necklace apart.  Luckily we prevented that from happening.

First Cardinals Game – I must say that I was super excited to take Doodle to his first Cardinal’s game with Daddy and Mommy.  For those who might not know, I am a huge fan.  Growing up in STL, the Cardinals are the toast of the town.  Ed has season tickets and gave us 2 seats behind the visitor dugout 7 rows back.  I must say, those are the BEST seats I have every had to any sporting event.  We were all dressed up in our best Cardinals red and really looked the part.  For anyone going to STL, if you get a chance to take in a Cardinals game it’s a real treat.  The new stadium looked great and from the time we got in, William was taking in the sights and sounds, until he fell asleep in the 5th inning.  I only thought he would last 2, but we stayed until the middle of the 7th.  Unfortunately the Cardinals lost to the Diamond Back 4-2.

And the Grand Finale………..

First Tooth – William had his first tooth come in while we were in STL.  Mom, Dad and Doodle were up every hour Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun night because he was not sleeping well, but we did not know it was his tooth until Monday.  He has a very cute lower middle tooth coming up and we cannot wait to see more.


All in all this was a trip of firsts and we loved every moment with him.  He is soooooo cute that people would come up and say how good he was and how adorable he is.  Being first time parents, we love to hear that.  It’s a little selfish, but hey, we like him and think he is the best gift in the world.


Now onto the photos, and there are a lot this time…..

Doodle and his puppy dog hat…


Naked baby in the hotel room…


Our Happy Family at the Wedding….


Cheryl and William before we went to the Aggie Game watching party..


Family Pic at the Art Museum


Sitting Up!!!!!


Cheryl and William before the Cardinals game…


Nick and Williams before the Cardinals game…


Cousin Natalie was in town too…before the Cardinals game at her hotel….


Mom…when can we go to the game?


At the game…





Game…you can see all the World Championship flags over my left shoulder.  Sorry Houston fans!


View from the seats.  Thanks Ed!!!!!!!!


Proud Papa and William sitting on the Visitor dugout….


Big swing from Albert Pujols, but he missed for a strike….


Daddy, I am sleepy…..


Sitting up in stroller while waiting at DFW to catch flight home…


William playing with his cousin Abby, Uncle Gary in the background and Laura Lee holding him.



Thanks! September 15, 2008

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Well its been a long while since I put anything up, and I cannot think of a good reason for the delay.  Sure there is work and William, but William is what this blog is about. 

Driving in the car today, Holly was telling me about how Carly and Emily check this blog almost every day and lately there has been no new updates.  She told me how they would tell Jill, nothing new today. 

That kicked me out of my funk, so here is more about Little Man.  Thanks Carly and Emily for helping Uncle Michael get back on track!!!!!




William is a real mover and shaker in his circle.  He’s a lot younger than the other kids (went to a 1 yr old party today), but when you set him down he is the center of attention.  Why, you may ask….

See, William is very advanced at his age.  Each day he is getting closer and closer to crawling.  For the last 3 weeks he has been able to get on his hands an knees, rocking back and forth trying to figure out crawling.  I guess all the sleeping on his hands and knees is really paying off!!  He will also lift a hand off the ground, showing off his wicked agility skills.  We also think he is not too far away from sitting up.  He can sit on his side with a hand on the ground, but is not too interested in sitting all the way up.  I think he has a plan on how this should all work out, so we just go with the flow and let him lead the way.

Next week William takes his first plane ride to St. Louis.  He is going to Cheryl’s wedding, with Mom and Dad of course, and will get to go to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  William knows that the Cardinals are Daddy’s favorite sports team and getting to go to the game in the new stadium will be really cool.  Cheryl’s fiance Ed gave William and Daddy some really cool seats for Dad’s birthday (3 rows from visitor dugout) so we will be able to see all the players and have a great view of the action.  They also gave William so neat Cardinals gear so the game pics will have Doodle really decked out, so check back in a week and a half.  GO CARDINALS!!!!

Now, without delay a lot of pic’s long overdue!!!

My Cousin Mitch!!!!  I had a great time with him and cannot wait to play with all my cousins in San Antonio for Thanksgiving!


Mitch Again….No No mommy, I know how to drive this, I do not need any help!!


Den, Mitch and Little Man! 


Mitch and Little Man again.  Mitch and William had a blast together.


Mitch and the Puppies…took a little bit to warm up, but they had a blast with Mitch!!!


Imagine that, Hudson found another soul to play fetch with!!!!  (Nana knows about this too)


Go Cardinals!


Gig ‘Em Ags!


Trying to get my keys from Daddy!!




I am William Dwight Weihl and I approve this post!!!!!