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So little time, so much to do…… October 15, 2008

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I am not sure where to start, but I will try with this…William is a mover and shaker at 6 months!!!

This week, William had his 6 month wellness visit with Dr. Abby and everything is going really well with little man.  As Holly tells it, he was jabbering and crawling all over just like he does at home, which caught the attention of our doctor.  He kept asking Holly when his birthday was, and checking, asking and checking and so on a few times during the visit. 

Why you might ask is the doctor questioning his charts…well apparently he sees a little baby like William only once a year.  WARNING…Parents bragging!!!!!  You see, William is already crawling, saying Mama (even if he is not sure why), standing up on his own, sitting up really well and a bunch of the other things we have shared over the months.  He can even take a few steps if we hold his hands and lean him forward.  Since we see this every day, it’s really normal for us, but Dr. Abby sees a 6 month old this far advanced physically only about once a year and he was genuinely surprised when he saw all the things he could do.  As proud parents, we just love it!!!

We also were looking at his his Who Loves Baby picture book with some pictures of our family.  We would say where’s Mommy, Daddy, Hudson and Aston and he would put his hand on our pictures.  How cool is that to see for the first time. 

William also got to get in some “girl” time with all of Holly’s childhood friends from San Antonio.  They have stayed in touch all through the years, even through they now live in different cities.  They girls all came up to the cabin by Blackhawk that we rent on occasion when we want to hang out in the mountains and had a blast.   William went up and hung with the girls and had a wonderful time.  It was also a real break for Holly with all the other mom’s there.  They would take William and hold him, play and even put him to sleep, giving Holly a chance to relax too.  Next year they are all meeting up in Nashville where Brandie lives. 


Now some more pictures……

Burrito baby…


Mama and me…


Hi Angie, I am William, nice to meet you!!!!



R to L

Angie, Pam, Michelle, Brandie, Ana, Mama, William, and Laura


I like you Pam….you like to smile with me….




Brandie…..me soooo tired.  Thanks for a shoulder to nap on…..



I will call you Soft Cheeks (Laura)!!!


That’s right, I can do a high chair now!!!!!  I am a big boy!


Look at what Mom and Dad did to my basement…It’s much softer than the hard floors. 



Lets get a move on…. October 5, 2008

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Well, it’s super official, William is crawling.  The other night, Holly and I were watching Little Man in the hall and it looks like he was ready to go the distance.  We put some toys out, no luck.  Daddy as a target, no luck.  Holly came up with an idea to put the space heater, yes space heater, in the hall.  BAM…he crawled 5 feet to it and started to play with it.  We know…it’s probably not the best idea, but we did get to see him crawl, and that really excited us.  He also like remotes (see pictures) and Aquafina bottles.

Extra Extra!!!

As I was typing this, Holly called me up to Williams room and what did we see….Him standing up in his bed.  He pulled himself right up and was standing over the rail.  Uh oh!  I tried to change the bed level tonight, but would you believe it, you have to take the entire bed apart to do that.  Can you also believe that off all the different sizes of Allen wrenches that I needed, I was missing the one that fit the bed. 

For tonight we are putting a bunch of pillows below his bed just in case he decides to try’s to break out.  Tomorrow I am making a run first thing in the morning to get my Allen wrench so I can fix his bed. 

It’s just amazing how quickly he advances from one skill to the next. 

Back to the post..

Today was also Williams first day of real food.  Holly mixed up some breastmilk and rice cereal for him for part of his dinner tonight.  No photos, but we did take video and I will try to put that up soon.  Some of the faces he made were priceless.  At times he looked like he was eating a lemon they way he contorted his face.  Very Cute!!!

We also went up to the mountains today in our FJ with David, Holli, Faith and Dillon to see the leaves change.  We took a trail up into the mountains by Idaho Springs and had a picnic among the trees in this nice clearing.  It was a pretty quick picnic since it was pretty cool up there and there was a lot of wind.  Holly and William ate in the back of the truck to keep out of the wind. 

The trail was not too bad, but we rocked back and forth a lot.  William, and I am not sure how he does this, slept all the way up (4 miles) and down (another 4 miles).  I guess the rocking and rolling felt good to him. 

Here are some more pics from our last week!!!

Series shots of Doodle going for the remote today!!!

 IMG_2468 IMG_2469 IMG_2470 IMG_2471

IMG_2472 IMG_2473


What you talking about Daddy?


David in his Jeep


Faith, Holli, David and Dillon


View of our picnic spot


Holly and William in the back of the FJ


Is it any wonder why we love Colorado!!!!!


David and Holli coming down the trail…


Another pic of the trail


Holly and the puppies….