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Happy New Year January 10, 2009

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Well it’s a new year and it’s time to catch up on what’s been happening in our life with William. 

We had a wonderful Christmas with William and headed down to Santa Fe to see Grammy (my mom).  She has not seen Little Man since he was about 3 months, so a lot had changed since her visit in the summer. 

William is a real mover and shaker nowdays.  He smiles all the time and crawls over to the gate when he sees mommy or daddy come home.  He’s eating a ton, but the doctor says he should be gaining some more weight.  Starting today, we will be feeding him more solids and fattening him up for the Brylak’s visit to Colorado in March ( I think).  We need to get some blubber on him so he’ll be toasty warm when playing outside.  Grammy also got him a sweet snow suit that will be perfect for playing in the snow up in the mountains.

New Tricks:

He’s making some sucking noises like when you try to imitate a fish with your lips.  We were not sure what it was at first, but its really funny to see him do it. 

He also like to chew on his crib.  Yup, when you look at the edges on the rails, it’s like a little beaver has been working to cut down some logs, with some of the wood chipped away.  Mom does not like it at all, but I think it’s funny.  You can watch him do it on the monitor when he’s up playing around in the middle of the night.  Some of the best T.V. ever!!!

Tag—  William and I now play tag.  We’ll crawl around on the floor and chase each other around.  Sometimes I will hide from him and pop out and try to get him.  He gets this real excited/surprised look on his face and then turns tail in the other direction, giggling all the way down the hall.  We rinse and repeat until my knees hurt from crawling on the floor.  It’s sooooooooo much fun.

Standing around—-  He’s now walking all around with his push toy learning his balance and getting a feel for when he’s ready to go solo.  Just imagine Bronson when he was little with his shopping cart and that’s what you got.  A cute, skinny tyke running around the living room.  It’s a real sign of the great times to come.  I am sure he will be working by the time the Brylak’s come up and when Nana and Papa come to watch him during our vacation.  Good luck keeping up Nana and Papa.


Ok..now to this pictures.

It’s Santa Claus


Daddy…can I sub in for you when Papa needs help with his plumbing?


Teaching William to drive (not really) in parking lot during break coming back from Santa Fe.


Mamma and William after a walk with the dogs….


I am bigger than my Daddy!!!!


First Christmas Morning with Mommy!!!!!


Grammy, do you mind if I eat this book?


Mmmm…Mmmm Good!


What can I do with this?


What movie?


Hudson and William playing fetch…sort of!!!


Looks who’s walking!!




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