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Let’s Go!!!!! February 26, 2009

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The last two weeks have been really exciting for William.  In our last post, we mentioned how William was starting to explore his world by taking some steps and moving about.  Well, he is a real mover and shaker now.  William is cruising about the furniture and getting his feet under him and this past Saturday we considered him a real walker.

So this weekend William and I were just hanging around while Mom was out and about.  William decided it was time to play with his push toy and he stood up and started toward it.  He took a few steps, stopped and steadied himself and then kept on going another 4 steps.  The stopping and steadying himself was a real progression.  Since then he’s been standing up for longer and longer, can stand up without holding on to stuff and is taking more and more steps.  When he is really excited he will walk really quickly for 5 or 6 steps and fall into you.  Its really neat and he is looking forward to showing off for the Brylak’s when they come to visit Colorado. 

William is also exploring his voice as well.  The other day I was downstairs and Mom came down with William after he stood at the baby gate saying DaDa, Dada, Dada over and over.  He says that a lot now and Mama is starting to come out too.  He can also say dog on good days and knows how to shake his head no.  We’ll be feeding him at dinner and tell him no and then he starts to shake his head.  It’s really cute when he does it since he kinda shakes his whole upper body at the same time and had this little giggle he does with it. 

Now onto the pictures!!!!!



I love my doggies!!!


My new dog!




Hi Everyone!!!!!




I know there some snacks in here somewhere!


Let me in!!


Now you see me……


Now you don’t!


Thanks for the spot Mom!


Let’s Go!