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Happy Birthday to Me!!!! April 9, 2009

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Yeah, William is 1 year old!!!!

This weekend marked a major milestone for William when we celebrated his first birthday.  For starters, Aunt Jill surprised Holly for her birthday (April 3rd) by coming in town.  To top it off, Aunt Jill was able to celebrate Williams birthday with some our friends. 

As you will see, (with video), he had a great time and really appreciated all the wonderful presents he received.  I cannot name them all, but he really liked the cars, the bus and the stuffed lamb that he received and plays with them all.  Special thanks to Uncle Chris for not getting the drum set so we could have some relative peace in the home.  I am sure it’s coming but that can wait. 

This weekend Grammy (my mom) is coming to visit for Easter and Nana and Papa (Holly’s parents) are coming to watch William for a week while we take a vacation to Cabo.  Thanks Herb and Carol, I know you will have such a blast with Little Man while we are gone.  He is just so much fun these days babbling and walking around with his stuffed animals.  Just watch out for him hiding in the cabinets. 

As you can see in the videos, he has really started to use his new skills to get around and have fun!!!!


On to the Pics!!!



Aunt Jill and Me!!!


Don’t I look cute!


Mamma, Aunt Jill and me!


I got my own cake for my 1st birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday to Me!!!


So happy…


The two hand slam with Sheridan looking on….




No time for a picture, I am busy eating cake!!!!


Some Video:






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