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Happy Mothers Day!!!! May 11, 2009

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It’s Mothers Day number two for Holly and William and I started the day taking Mom to breakfast at the Egg and I.  This is a nice little family owned breakfast joint near us and we always seem to get very good service when we go.  Today, William shared our breakfast and had potato’s, strawberries and some scrambled eggs.  He really seemed to like the eggs, so it looks like we’ll be eating those at home more often. 

After breakfast and a nap (mom and dad too), we took little man for a trip to Nordstoms.  Now before everyone thinks William has his nose turned up a little too high :), everyone should know that Nordstoms will break up sets of shoes for adults and children who has different size feet.  Because of William leg and feet issues, he is a size 4 (left) and 5.5 (right) so we go there to get his shoes.  From asking around, Nordstoms is the only only place we know that will do this.  I think it’s great they do this and we got him two pairs of walking shoes and they also gave him a stuffed animal and a balloon.  How cools is that!!!!

To top of the day, Mom got a new wallet to match her new purse which was a real surprise for her today.

Now a nice little collections of photos of Mommy from the past year…

Knock knock..

Who’s there?


Will who?

Will you let me out?  I’ve been in here 9 months!!!


Mom and me!


My mom and I, only about two weeks old…


All of mamma’s little ones….


I see a toy on the floor, but Mama wants a picture first!


I am starting to get my grin now (about 3 months)


Sitting up for the first time with Mom! (4 1/2 months)




My first Christmas..


Say Cheese!


I love my Mom so much, I gave her some of my cake!!!  (1st Birthday)


Mom on vacation in Mexico.  She had a blast, but I am glad she is back home.  (Thanks Nana and Papa for watching me for the week, had soooooo much fun with you both!!)




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