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Still not 20#’s June 8, 2009

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Well, it seems the biggest thing going on for William is that Mom and Dad are waiting for William to hit the big two oh!  So why is that so important, well until he hits twenty pounds in weight, he has to stay facing the rear in the car seat.  With all there is to see in the world and how interested he is starting to get in the things around him, we really want to turn his seat around so we can talk about the places we are going. 

Nowdays, from the time he wakes up, to when he goes to bed, he is pointing at things and wanting to know what they are.  Since he was really little, he has been really fascinated by the ceiling fans around the house.  Before he would just stare at them while they were on, but now he points at each one he sees.  We’ll be carrying him down the stairs and he points.  He’ll walk around the kitchen and point.  Eating dinner, point…and so on.  It’s so cool to see him wanting to learn and express himself more every day.  With all the pointing and babbling about, it’s only a matter of time before he is telling Mom and Dad he needs the keys to the car so he can take his girlfriend out on a date.    Well, I guess its still a good thing after all that he can only face the back, since you cannot drive a car while facing the rear.  🙂


Some of these pic may be a little dated, but hey, who’s checking….

What!  Doesn’t everyone lay on their Big Puppy!


Mmmmmmm Fresca!


Catching some Zzzzz’s!




Wow…..this bath tub is huge!!!!


Dr. William Weihl looking for artifacts at the park!


Moving to a new dig location…….


Anyone need anything from the store?








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