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It’s Summer….. June 30, 2009

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Well summer is here and even though we are in Denver, it’s been getting a little warm outside.  A couple weeks back, Mom took William and some of their play group friends to our neighborhood pool.  This was the 2nd time William had been swimming, but unlike the first time, he really took to it and had a blast. 

He would play at the water and do all the things other kids had done after taking a bunch of lessons.  With all his buddies around, William had to keep up his daredevil persona and be a real stunt dude.  So…..William would get on the side of the pool, and run into Mama’s arms.  By the way….mommy is in the pool!!!! 

The next week we took him out again and we would blow on his face and dunk his head under water, again no problem for Little Man.  He just wiped his eyes and giggled a little.  We are going to take William to the Dr. next week to check and see if he is part fish!!!  🙂

For Fathers Day, William and Holly took me out to eat at Papadeaux’s for their Sunday brunch.  We had a really nice time, and the food is excellent.  They also got me a new golf club as I have really taken up the game in the past couple years.  Needless to say, the club does not make the player so I need to keep practicing.  Hopefully I will break 100 this summer. 

Now some pics…..

My Dad!


Hi, I’m William….


You coming too?


I think I need some help!


So Happy!!!


Giving a tour of Hudson’s place.



How about some videos….try and see if you can figure out the theme!!!!




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